Thursday, 2 February 2017

Essential Features Of A UV Flame Sensors

UV flame sensors are used to detect the flame or fire in various areas. They are widely used in the industrial areas that has equipped with boilers and burners. It is also suitable for outdoor application because it has excellent weather resistant capabilities. Linear Systems is the most renowned Burner Controller Manufacturers in the global market area, since 1986. We are manufacturing high quality products for specific applications in various industries and plants. We are engaged in manufacturing Burner Controller, Sequence Controller, UV Flame Sensor, etc. We are working for utmost customer satisfaction.

Essential Features Of A UV Flame Sensor:-

Wide Application: The use of flame sensors is not restricted to the burners and boilers. They are also used in various industries like pipelines, tank forms, furnaces, flare controls, chemicals and petrochemical industries, etc.

Detect Flames: The foremost function of installing the device is; fast detection of presence of the flame and fire within the near distance. It is weather proof and fire proof.

Alarm Operator: As soon as it detects the fire or flame in the area it is installed, it alarms the operator about the danger. The operator prepares himself for the situation when there is danger. For the burner application the operator get alarmed for the further proceedings

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